Technology Service and Support

Do you need a computer repair? Is your technology no longer working like it used to? 

We work on both Mac and PC computer systems as well as laptops, servers, smartphones, tablets, and more. We offer local repairs and maintenance of all equipment in your home or office to get you up and running.   If we are unable to fix locally, we'll bring your technology back to our office for more extensive diagnostics and repair.

Are you in need of new technology?

Do you wonder if your old systems are about to fail and require repairs or replacement. We can help. We understand how important technology is for our clients to rely on our experience when it comes to making these tough decisions.

Our primary goal is to fix problems, but preventive medicine is always best to protect from security failures and repairs. We are called in to diagnose and fix problems, but it is our true joy to help and empower the users making their technology lives easier to use and maintain.
computer help
Our computer maintenance service provides:

  • Computer and laptop repair
  • System hardware and software diagnostics
  • Virus and malware prevention and maintenance
  • Security checks and updates
  • Cable, Network, WiFi management
  • Back-up services (local, cloud, three (3) layer protection)

Technology does not have to be complicated, and regular care and maintenance can be achieved cost effectively and enable users to become more self-sufficient. Please contact Digital Circus and let us know if we can help resolve your tech problem and see how we can make your technology work for you!