Network Services

What should I do if the network goes down and WiFi is no longer working? 

We can help and our team of professionals has over 30 years of combined experience working in large (Shands Hospital and University of Florida) and small (small home and office environments) organizations, providing network management, diagnostics and repair.  Modern technology requires a solid foundation with network services, configuration, installation, and maintenance. 

Network Service FailureAlmost everyone has cable networks in their primary offices or WiFi (Wireless) communication connecting and interface their portable devices in their homes and offices. The major problems relate to how these two technologies work together and what to do when something goes wrong. Many people do not understand how their network systems work, why wireless communication is failing, and rely on Digital Circus to clear the confusion and provide a cost effect changes to fix problems.


Digital Circus provides Network Services including:

  • Network topology and infrastructure design (data, phone, security)
  • Network cable management and installation
  • Managed IT services
  • Network security services (protecting systems inside and outside)
  • Computer, workstation and server backup solutions (local, cloud, three (3) layer protection)
  • Server installation, maintenance and management
CompTIA Network+
Microsoft Certified Professional


Personally, I have degrees and certifications including:

  • Bachelor of Science, Information Engineering Technology, University of West Florida 
  • Certified Web Developer and Database Systems Administrator, University of West Florida
  • CompTIA Network+ (ID# COMP10440408) Computing Technology Industry Association, Inc, Santa Fe College
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (ID# 2901036) Microsoft Corporation, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers


Don't allow technology to overwhelm and limit your abilities in your home and office.  It's time to call Brian Sorli of Digital Circus when you need help with network management.