Additional Services

My TV nolonger connects to WiFi, can you help?  I don't understand how my TV and stereo systems work and could use your help fixing all those wires behind the display.

Digital Circus
takes a fresh approach to technology covering many different areas and needs for our clients. We take pride in offering state of the art service and support for various audio and video technology and our experience with many different systems has helped focus our efforts in providing exactly what our clients need and require. Whether you are seeking to update your home security system or add new home automation technology, we can help and would be glad to demonstrate the services we provide. Every engineering project requires special attention to detail and the ability to listen to our customers needs.  Our team of professionals welcomes a challenge and looks forward to speaking with you soon.

Family SecurityDigital Circus also provides additional services including:

  • Smartphone and tablet technology services (setup, configuration, backup, and training)
  • Digital Media backup and management (photo and video management)
  • Home automation (SmartThings, Homekit, etc.)
  • Security technology (setup, installation, configuration and 24-hour monitoring)
  • Audiovisual systems (Amazon Prime, Chromecast, Netflix, Roku, cable management or configuration)

Digital Circus has established itself as a company dedicated to service and support no matter the challenge. We recognize that clients have special needs and requirements and we are committed to providing our services using modern hardware and software tools that allow long term service and support for each client's individual needs.  Digital Circus goes above and beyond basic services with industry best practices and latest trends so that our clients get the full benefit of working with our team.